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About GSC

 Gina Stewart Cox was established­­­ in the rural Cotswolds, Gloucestershire England. Quirky innovative design using solely precious metal and gemstones, combined with colourful durable cord is the personality that Gina Stewart Cox has become known for. Great success in the UK instantaneously arose after releasing the first collection.  From this success Gina Stewart Cox has continued to dramatically grow, always finding inspirational concepts to shape novel designs, incorporating the best of global influences, but also adding a gentle English twist. Gina   Stewart Cox is now based in London and has become known worldwide in and across beautiful destinations, for her innovative take on the luxury jewellery market  season after season. Gina Stewart Cox is proud to be collaborating with the Elephant Conservation  Network in western Thailand to help resolve the human – elephant conflict.

 “Every Gina Stewart Cox piece contributes towards   the survival of elephants”

Gina began her career after having achieved a First Class degree in Fashion & Textile Design, working alongside a top London designer, who then inspired her to create jewellery herself. Informal research while travelling through the southern hemisphere and living in Europe has given Gina a great cultural experience on which to base the design concepts, and allowing her magpie nature to retrieve interesting pieces from around the world to add to the creative mix.

Gina Stewart Cox is a unisex brand, with jewellery designs that will appeal equally to both men and women. The desire to give a treasured long lasting possession to represent love and friendship has been a main focus in Gina’s design.  Using only the best quality materials available Gina has shaped a selective range of jewellery that looks great, whatever the occasion. The choice of custom made resistant cord is not only chosen for the aesthetics, but also allows the jewellery to be worn at all times, you can swim and shower without ever having to take them off. 

If after several years, you want to change the colour of your cord, Gina Stewart Cox designs enable you send us back the precious metals/gemstones so that we can re-cord the piece with the colours of your choice, making Gina Stewart Cox a lifetime possession.

 “Gina Stewart Cox is not just a fashion; it is how true friendship should be, precious and long lasting.”

If you love a hand made, multicultural mix, with the vibrant colours, precious metals and gemstones, then Gina Stewart Cox's pieces are the perfect choice of present for yourself, the love of your life and your friends, but only your best friends!

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